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Liquid Metal Coating Specialists and Applicators of Other Specialist Spray Coatings for Decorative, Protective and Functional Applications
Special Coating Services offer an application and support service for state of the art coating products including liquid metal coatings and the latest generations of custom pearlescent finishes, as well as high performance industrial and architectural protective finishes for both industrial and private users.

Liquid metal coating applications can easily be carried out at your premises or on site. We can either apply the coatings for you, or work with your own personnel if preferred.

Liquid metal coatings offer the advantage enabling the manufacture of an item in a variety of materials including MDF, timber, plaster, various plastics, metals (or a combination of these materials). When coated in liquid metal, the item takes on the appearance, feel and characteristics of whichever type of metal has been applied, and can be polished, distressed, sandblasted, rusted and patinated in the same way as if the item had been constructed from ‘real’ metal.

Liquid metal coating has given architects and designers a new dimension to their creative pallet, and has been utilised in sign manufacture, shopfitting and numerous other applications including bespoke furniture and ornamental pieces.

The variety of liquid metals include VeroMetal Medical Copper, bronze, copper, brass, tin, zinc, nickel silver, aluminium, stainless steel and iron, plus other composite metals ‘Gunsmoke’ and ‘Reflex’
Section of pvcu guttering coated in VeroMetal cast iron finish
Special Coating Services recently contributed to the coating of a futuristic model depiction of a Jaguar sports car that was exhibited at the acclaimed Clerkenwell Design Week Festival.

The model was a project undertaken by Jaguar Landrover Design in conjunction with the Royal College of Art with assistance from Project12 and was coated in VeroMetal Copper, highly polished and selectively ‘distressed’ and treated to a very dark patina finish.

Special Coating Services have also been working with Medite (the manufactureres of true MDF), to promote a product called ‘Tricoya’. This is the first truly architectural MDF with a 50 year exterior guarantee.

On a promotional display stand we recently coated the panels on either side of the display in bright pewter liquid metal and a high gloss wine red finish
Tricoya display stand with coated architectural panels either side made from Medite Tricova
Door panel coated in wine red
Door Panel Detail

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Architectural panel coated in bright pewter liquid metal